Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner


Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner was developed in a collaborative process by GEMI’s Water Sustainability Work Group.  Karl Fennessey of The Dow Chemical Company, Paul Halberstadt of ConAgra Foods, Inc. and Harry Ott of The Coca-Cola Company chaired the project.  Mark Johnson (, Steve Ellis (, Nancy Varricchio, Carrie Knight, Steve Hadjiyane, Gene Koontz, Matt Burkley and Adam Eshleman of Gannett Fleming, Inc. and Kyle Schilling retired Director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Institute for Water Resources (IWR) assisted in the development of Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner.  GEMI staff contributing to this document included Steve Hellem and Amy Goldman.

Contributing GEMI Water Sustainability Work Group members include

Brenda Abke, The Scotts Company spacer Kelly Kline, Smithfield Foods, Inc.
Robert Accarino, Abbott Laboratories   William Lechner, The Scotts Company
Marcio Amazonas, The Coca-Cola Company   Jimmy Mardis, Tyson Foods, Inc.
Audrey Bamberger, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.   Phil McAndrew, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Maurice Bechard, JohnsonDiversey, Inc.   Paul McNulty, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Paul Bowen, The Coca-Cola Company   Keith Miller, 3M
Brad Burke, Southern Company   Dean Miracle, Southern Company
Mark Chatelain, Johnson Controls, Inc.   Tim Mohin, Intel Corporation
Soma Chengalur, Eastman Kodak Company   Leslie Montgomery, Southern Company
Stan Christian, Motorola, Inc.   Neil Parke, Eli Lilly & Company
Ric Coleman, Carnival Corporation & PLC   Krish Ravishankar, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Al Collins, Occidental Petroleum Corporation   Ted Reichelt, Intel Corporation
Tyler Dutton, Tyson Foods, Inc.   Jeff Seabright, The Coca-Cola Company
Doug Finan, GlaxoSmithKline   Jeff Smith, Abbott Laboratories
Al Forte, Pfizer Inc   Lindell Sneed, Abbott Laboratories
Don Gebhardt, Ashland Inc.   John Stier, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Elizabeth Girardi Schoen, Pfizer Inc   Jim Thomas, Novartis Corporation (Gerber)
Eric Grates, The Dow Chemical Company   Vail Thorne, The Coca-Cola Company
Angela Grooms, Duke Energy   Robin Tollett, The Procter & Gamble Company
Debbie Hammond, Abbott Laboratories   David Trindell, Roche
Mark Hause, DuPont   Hannah Valmont, Koch Industries, Inc.
Mitch Jackson, FedEx   Dan Vermeer, The Coca-Cola Company
Bryan Jacob, The Coca-Cola Company   Bruce Wallington, Merck & Co. Inc.
Dan Vermeer    
Jack Kace, Roche   Terry Welch, The Dow Chemical Company
Jim Kearney, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company   Carl Wirdak, Occidental Petroleum Corporation


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