Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner

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Abbott LaboratoriesLaunching an Access to Water Plan that Reduces Water Usage by 15 Percent
Eastman Kodak CompanyWater Management in Mexico: Recycling, Reuse and Zero Discharge
Eastman Kodak CompanyConserving Water Effectively in a Water-Intensive Industry
Johnson Controls, Inc.Helping Customers to Achieve New Efficiencies
Occidental Petroleum CorporationWaterflooding in Oman to Extend the Life of a Desert Region Oil Field
Pfizer IncUse of a Water Balance to Reduce Water Usage
The Coca-Cola CompanyGlobal Water Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning
The Dow Chemical CompanyImproving Process Water Quality and Cutting Costs at a Bulgarian Power Station
Eastman Kodak CompanyChanging Manufacturing Operations and Exceeding Water Conservation Goals
Pfizer IncConserving Water through Site Operations: Four Ways by Pfizer
DuPontRecovering Up to 90 Percent of the Wastewater in a German Plastic Resins and Synthetic Fibers Plant


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