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Ashland Inc.Using Chemical-Free Microbiological Control at an Engine Manufacturing Plant
Ashland Inc.Taking a Non-Chemical Approach to Microbiological Control for a Recirculating Cooling Water System
Kraft Foods, Inc.Reducing Impacts on Surface and Groundwater at the World's Largest Cheese Plant
Ashland Inc.Improving Industrial Water Treatment with an Ultrasonic System
The Procter & Gamble CompanySharing Treated Wastewater to Help a Community Overcome Water Shortages
The Procter & Gamble CompanyFinding Three Ways to Reuse Condensate
Tyson Foods, Inc.Growing at a Missouri Poultry Processing Facility with the Aquifer in Mind
DuPontReducing Water Consumption by More Than 99.5 Percent at a Chemical Compounding Plant in India
DuPontRecovering Up to 90 Percent of the Wastewater in a German Plastic Resins and Synthetic Fibers Plant
Eastman Kodak CompanyConserving Water Effectively in a Water-Intensive Industry
Eastman Kodak CompanyWater Management in Mexico: Recycling, Reuse and Zero Discharge
Johnson Controls, Inc.Helping Customers to Achieve New Efficiencies
3MConverting Wastewater to an Irrigation Source in Bangalore
3MReusing Wash Water in a New Jersey Plant
Abbott LaboratoriesLaunching an Access to Water Plan that Reduces Water Usage by 15 Percent
ConAgra FoodsConserving Water Three Ways Over Ten Weeks
ConAgra FoodsSaving Through Water and Energy Reuse at an Idaho Processing Plant
The Coca-Cola CompanyGlobal Water Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning
Eastman Kodak CompanyChanging Manufacturing Operations and Exceeding Water Conservation Goals
Pfizer IncProtecting the Source: Ann Arbor Watershed Improvement
The Dow Chemical CompanyRecognizing the Staff Who Save Millions through Waste Reduction
The Procter & Gamble CompanyReusing Water and Saving on Effluent Fees in Germany
The Dow Chemical CompanyImproving the Quality of Ultrapure Water in a Dresden Microprocessor Plant
The Dow Chemical CompanyProviding an Innovative Reclamation System for a Petrochemical Plant in Taiwan
Occidental Petroleum CorporationProtecting the Watershed in the Tennessee Copper Basin
Occidental Petroleum CorporationConserving Fresh Water in a New Mexico Oil Field Expansion Project
Occidental Petroleum CorporationWaterflooding in Oman to Extend the Life of a Desert Region Oil Field
Pfizer IncConserving Water through Site Operations: Four Ways by Pfizer
Pfizer IncUse of a Water Balance to Reduce Water Usage
Pfizer IncTreated Water Reuse and Zero Discharge in Puerto Rico
RocheReusing Pump Flush Water
The Procter & Gamble CompanyAugmenting the Water Treatment Process for Multiple Savings at a German Plant
The Procter & Gamble CompanyMeeting Environmental Goals in Spain: Starting with the Housekeeping Details
The Procter and Gamble CompanyMaking Drinking Water Safer from Bangladesh to Zimbabwe
The Procter & Gamble CompanyEarning an Award for Innovative Water Reuse in Connecticut
Southern CompanyConserving Thousands of Gallons, Saving Millions of Dollars at an Alabama Steam Plant
Southern CompanySaving Six Million Gallons with a Reusable Coolant Source at a Georgia Plant
Texas Instruments Inc.Offsetting Water Consumption with Strategies for Wastewater Reuse
Ashland Inc.Improving a Tire Manufacturer's Process and Product Quality with a Chemical-Free System
The Dow Chemical CompanyImproving Process Water Quality and Cutting Costs at a Bulgarian Power Station
3MUpgrading a Pure Oxygen Wastewater Treatment System in Illinois
Abbott LaboratoriesConserving for Over a Decade at an Arizona Plant
Abbott LaboratoriesWastewater Recycling, Freshwater Savings and Now Reusing Water for Cooling and Steam
ConAgra FoodsImproving Process Wastewater Operations at a Lamb Weston Plant in Canada
Texas Instruments Inc.Raising Water Efficiency to Ninety Percent in Water Production Plants
Texas Instruments Inc.Improving Efficiency at Water Production Plants in Texas
The Dow Chemical CompanyReclaiming Wastewater at an 86 Percent Recovery Rate


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